Night Photography

IMG_7527-1-a-web IMG_7413-1-a-web IMG_7415-1-a-web Perseid-Cabin-web IMG_7660-1 IMG_2759-a-web IMG_2786-a-web IMG_2810-a-web IMG_2823-a-web IMG_4707 a IMG_4730 c IMG_2894-1-a-web Jeep Trails...... Nightime in the Desert Night with the Truck Lightning Strikes near Lahontan Reservoir Milky Way and Pine Tree Looking thru the Pines Looking thru the Pines #2 Highland Lake & Milky Way Moonrise at Fort Churchill Fort Churchill IMG_2540-1-a-web IMG_2533-1-a-web IMG_2536-1-a-web Memorial Day Tank Insanity ride Las Vegas Stratosphere Highway 50 Traffic IMG_4385-a-web IMG_signature-composite-web IMG_composite-1-web IMG_5423-a-web IMG_5424-1-sparkler-web IMG_5914-1 IMG_9316-1-a-web IMG_9307-1-a-web IMG_1476-1-a-web IMG_1469-1-a-web