Nevada Birds

Flying Yellowheaded Blackbird Cinnamon Teal Cinnamon Teal Mallard Pair Common Tern over Jobs Peak Nesting Great Blue Herons Red Tail Hawk Killdeer Great Blue Heron #1 Great Blue Heron #2 Great Blue Heron #3 Swainson's Hawk Canadian Geese American White Pelicans Purple Headed Mallard Prairie Falcon Prairie Falcon Red-Wing Black BIrd Red-Wing Black Bird Red-Wing Black Bird Lesser Goldfinch Western Bluebird Sunning Swallows Hawk Taking a Rest Hawk Takeoff Western Tanager FA-18 Hornet Blue Angels Diamond Blue Angels Blue Angels (look close - 2 planes) Blue Angels Blue Angels Blue Angels Blue Angels Chuckar European Starling Woodpecker Blacked Necked Stilt Belted Kingfisher Spring Snow Geese Snow Geese in the beautiful Nevada Sky Precision White Crowned Sparrow American Robin Snow Geese in Flight Hawk & Pigeons Hawk Killdeer IMG_0345-a-web Cedar Waxwing IMG_0370-a-web Blue Heron Footsteps! Tundra Swans Tundra Swans - cleared for take off Tundra Swans in flight over the Stillwater Range Barn Owl - diving for dinner IMG_0934 a IMG_2431-a-web IMG_4207 a IMG_4235-a-web IMG_4263-b-web IMG_4361 hdr IMG_4859-a-web IMG_5606-1-web IMG_8893-1-a-web IMG_2268-1-a-web IMG_2267-1-a-web IMG_2128-a-web-1 IMG_2212-a-web 2 Red Tails